Why FreightEasy™

Efficient system layout allows user-friendly navigation

FreightEasy makes the forwarding process more user-friendly. Air, ocean, export, import, accounting, report, search, client database and administration functions integrate seamlessly into one system. Our navigation tabs are designed in such a way that the user can navigate from one task to the next with a click of a mouse.

Complete accounting system with reporting tools

FreightEasy offers a complete accounting package. A/R, A/P and credits/debits notes (statement with agents) are easily generated. The standard financial statements are also available. The reporting section also allows you to export into Microsoft Excel and XML to further enhance the usability this data.

Direct AES Interface

Using FreightEasy AES, you can submit SED information through a web link to the CBP AES database. This direct link provides quick and easy access to SED over the Internet and eliminates re-entering the shipment data making export operations a little simpler.

Friendly technical support with years of industry experience

The people who created FreightEasy are the same individuals who will help you troubleshoot any problems that may arise. They also have years of experience in the shipping industry. You can be sure that the people at ELT will give you the best support and the help that you need.

Intuitive data entry forms

FreightEasy has been designed by Freight Forwarders for Freight Forwarders. The data entry screens are designed to make users feel comfortable, not confused. The work flow of the system is easy to learn, and efficient.

No software installation required

FreightEasy requires no software installations. Software installations are costly, time consuming may require skillful I.T. professionals. Traditional software solutions also require on-going maintenance and upgrades. Sometimes installed software can cause conflicts and create problems, hurting your bottom line. FreightEasy eliminates these potential issues.

No hardware installation required

With traditional LAN based software, you may have to purchase expensive servers and workstations. Often, the software vendor will then require you to send them the server to install the system, or make you buy the server through them in the first place, all with additional charges. With FreightEasy, you don’t have to buy a new hardware system; a huge savings for your company, in both time and money.

Low total cost of ownership

Many software vendors charge per-transaction fees or per-user fees. In addition, some software vendors charge you for upgrades and technical support. Our flat monthly fee is just that: flat. There are no hidden charges, which makes it perfect for those who are working with a fixed I.T. budget. Customer support, maintenance, and upgrades are all included in this price. Additionally, our startup fee is much less than most other systems.

Microsoft’s ASP.NET

FreightEasy is built on ASP.NET, a technology that has increased the benefits of web-based systems while minimizing the drawbacks. Through ASP.NET, application speeds have improved, as well as the sophistication of the features that can be built in. ASP.NET also offers the most secure and reliable platform on the market today.

Access anytime and anywhere through the Internet

FreightEasy can give you the freedom to work anytime and anywhere. All that is required is a computer with an internet connection and a web browser. You cannot do this with conventional LAN based applications. But, since FreightEasy is a Web-based technology, it brings you the benefits of mobility.

Maintain a real-time back up

You don’t have to worry about backing up your data even if you don’t have I.T. professionals or backup devices on site. We at ELT along with our hosting partner, Rackspace, manage and maintain your data with the most advanced systems with redundant hardware. And, your data is accessible anywhere with an internet connection, 24x7.

Recent work shortcuts

This feature will automatically remember the most resent place in the system you have been, and the most resent documents you have worked on. 2 clicks will take you right back to where you have been. This is one way in which we have tried to make our system as efficient as possible.

Favorites folders for frequently used tasks

You can create shortcuts to your most frequently used tasks by dragging and dropping into this folder. This makes it so you are only a couple clicks away from any screen, no matter what task you are currently performing. Functions that you use the most are easy to reach without wading through things you rarely need.

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