Getting Started Tips

When you use correct user name and password and still can't login to the system, follow the steps described below for downloading ActiveX.

1.   Select [ Internet Options...] from the Internet Explore's [Tools] menu.

2.   Select the [Security] tab from the [Internet Options] screen.
(1) Select [Trusted sites] for the Web content zone.
(2) Click [Sites]. The [Trusted sites] screen is displayed.

(1) Uncheck the check box.
(2) Type
(3) Click [Add].
(4) is listed in the [Web sites]
  Repeat the steps (2) to (3) for
All four web sites are listed in the [Web sites]
(5) Click [OK]. The [Internet Options] screen is displayed

(1) Click [Custom Level...]. The [Security Settings] screen is displayed.
(2) Check [Disable]
(3) Select [Medium-Low].
(4) Click [OK]. Click [OK] to close [Internet Options] screen.

    Now, you are ready to login. Please go back to the login page and try again. If the problem persists,
please contact 1.877.680.EASY(3279) or e-mail to

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