FreightEasy is a powerful system that can help perform virtually any task a Freight Forwarder could want. Many different documents can be created, and there are many data entry forms. But, this does not mean that working within the system is complicated. Navigation between different parts of the system is done quickly and easily. The work flow has been designed by Freight Forwarders to be as efficient and intuitive as possible. Our Recent Work and Favorites features will allow you to perform the tasks you do most often quickly. As a general rule, once you enter data for the first time, you don’t have to ever again. We have worked to reduce re-keying of information, and increase your productivity.


Using FreightEasy AES, you can submit SED information through a web link to the CBP AES database. This direct link provides quick and easy access to SED over the Internet and eliminates re-entering the shipment data making export operations a little simpler.

The people who created FreightEasy are the same individuals who will help you troubleshoot any problems that may arise. They also have years of experience in the shipping industry. You can be sure that the people at ELT will give you the best support and the help that you need.


FreightEasy has been designed by Freight Forwarders for Freight Forwarders. The data entry screens are designed to make users feel comfortable, not confused. The work flow of the system is easy to learn, and efficient.

Client/Partner Database

FreightEasy requires no software installations. Software installations are costly, time consuming may require skillful I.T. professionals. Traditional software solutions also require on-going maintenance and upgrades. Sometimes installed software can cause conflicts and create problems, hurting your bottom line. FreightEasy eliminates these potential issues.

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