Real Advantages for the Real World

Customer Care

  • No additional charges for Support
  • Free Automatic Updates
  • Friendly and helpful personne
  • Shipping ndustry Knowledge

Always striving to be helpful to our members, we provide superior Support that comes free with the FreightEasy package.

Jay’s Story

Business has been going well lately for Jay, and he has some extra cash burning a hole in his pocket. Jay decides to invest some money back into his company by buying some new computers for his employees. After spending most of his morning setting up the computers and installing Windows, his office gets back to business making shipments. But, there’s a problem. When Jay installed the new computers, he was left with the windows default settings for network security. These settings are keeping FreightEasy from working correctly.

Although there is a quick and simple fix for this issue, Jay may feel more comfortable with someone to help walk him through the process. As a member of FreightEasy, Jay will never get a feeling of being stranded. We are always just a phone call or email away. And he does not have to pay us any extra in order for us to care about his concern.

So, Jay picks up the phone and calls us. Once he describes his situation, we connect him with someone that can help him best. In a matter of minutes, we walk Jay through the solution and he’s back in business.


  • Any computer with Internet Explorer
  • Anywhere with Internet Access
  • Any time of the Day

You don’t have to be tethered to your office any more. FreightEasy will set you free.

Jay’s Story

Jay has a plane to catch, but that won’t stop him from getting some work done while he waits for his flight. He can bring his laptop and access the application just like he can at the office by using the WiFi hotspot at the airport.

Jay is on vacation in Hawaii, and he wants to make sure things are running smoothly back at home. Once he plugs into the Ethernet jack in his hotel room, Jay has access to everything, while still having a view of the beach.

Jay finally gets to relax, sit down and have some coffee at his favorite café. The relaxation ends when an important customer calls and wants their shipment information right away. “No problem,” he says as he opens his laptop, accesses his customer’s recent shipments, and reads off the flight information. At the same time he shoots off a shipping notice with FreightEasy’s email function.

Anywhere Jay has internet access, Jay has access to FreightEasy. With the growth of WiFi and data transfer of cellular networks, this is quickly becoming almost anywhere he finds himself.


  • Data pulled from shipment info
  • Full Reporting
  • Invoice Queue
  • Built for Freight Forwarding

FreightEasy makes separate accounting and freight systems obsolete. Go right from shipment entry to invoicing in a few clicks.

Jay’s Story

Jay used to use multiple systems to perform Freight Forwarding tasks. He entered data into one application only to switch to another to finish his invoicing and accounting. These extra steps not only meant extra work, but extra mistakes too.

Now, Jay uses FreightEasy. He creates shipments, enters the charges, invoices, and knows that all his data is saved for later accounting tasks and reporting. It’s that simple. The thing Jay likes most about this process is that FreightEasy’s accounting system was made from the ground up especially for Freight Forwarding. He can view reports by HAWB, by Ocean Export, and many other industry-specific categories. He can also create Arrival Notices while invoicing at the same time. Jay knows that the system is robust enough to handle the accounting for his whole business and he doesn’t have to look elsewhere come March.

Software as a Service

  • Predictable IT costs
  • Professionally Maintained Data
  • No costly hardware
  • Quick and Easy Deployment

Software as a Service is the latest trend in software because it is the best way to provide great service at minimal hassle and cost to the customer.

Jay’s Story

Jay is worrying about his customers, but not his software system. That is because he knows that FreightEasy is Software as a Service. SaaS provides Jay with several benefits that most systems which use client/server architecture do not.

Jay does not have to worry about backing his data up, because he data is already being maintained by a profession data warehouse center. He also doesn’t have to worry about loss of data through accident or malicious attack. Jay even saved a good bit of money and time since he did not have to buy extra hardware and severs when installing FreightEasy.

System Design

  • Modern, sleek, efficient
  • Screens based on actual documents
  • Fast performance
  • Easy of learn

We have used the latest in technology to create a system that is robust, user-friendly, and fast enough to keep up with your demands.

Jay’s Story

Jay’s old system made him feel like he had warped back into the eighties every time he used it. Unfortunately, when shopping around to replace it, most systems didn’t feel much newer. Jay had grown used to up-to-date software like Microsoft Office, which worked well, looked sleek, and took advantage of the newest technology. He didn’t see why his Freight Forwarding System had to be any different.

When Jay found FreightEasy, he found a system that could stand up next to all his other modern software and not look or feel out of place. Jay now completes shipments easier than ever, trains new employees faster than ever, and rests assured that he has the newest software on the market.

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