Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is FreightEasy™ really as full-featured as some of the most expensive Freight Forwarding Systems?
A. Yes. FreightEasy comes with everything you need to run and manage a Freight Forwarding business, including a real accounting system.

Q. How long will it take for me and my employees to learn the system?
A. FreightEasy has been designed by Freight Forwarders to be intuitive for those that know the Forwarding process. We are confident that the learning process will be a short and easy one.

Q. Will FreightEasy increase the efficiency of my company?
A. Yes. It has been designed to minimize re-keying of information and to automate much of the process. FreightEasy will increase your bottom line.

Q. What hardware do I need to buy to run FreightEasy?
A. Probably none. As long as you have at least one computer connected to the internet and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, you can run our system.

Q. How long will it take to get up and running?
A. Not long. There are no software installs. We will need to set up your account, and it may take a bit to enter data for your first time.

Q. What makes FreightEasy different?
A. Our system is web-based and programmed using ASP.NET. We believe it offers all the benefits of web-based systems, while minimizing the drawbacks some similar systems had in the past.

Q. Where is my data? Is it safe?
A. Yes, safer than it is on a local server. Our hosting partner is Rackspace, a leader in the industry. They have multiple redundant systems and internet connections. Rest assured that your data is safe and available 24/7.

Q. How’s your tech support?
A. We have great tech support provided by the same people that have helped design FreightEasy.

Q. Can I try FreightEasy out to see for myself?
A. We’d love to have you try it out. Please contact us so we can set you up with a trial account.

Q. So what is the cost?
A. Pretty reasonable. We charge a one-time startup fee and a monthly service fee. Both rates are competitive. There are no data transfer, per-user, or per BOL charges.


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