About E-Logistics Technology

E-Logistics Technology was founded in 2002 by Freight Forwarders that thought the current offering of systems was not good enough, and that they could do better. They believed they could provide an all-in-one solution for Freight Forwarders that was both easy to implement and affordably priced. They wanted to achieve these goals while ensuring that the system would always be designed with the users in mind, Freight Forwarders. The end result was FreightEasy™.

E-Logistics Technology Continues to expand on its vision with development of other modules that will add on to its Flagship product, FreightEasy. Warehouse management, CHB, and AMS modules are under development. E-Logistics Technology hopes to continue to reduce paperwork and repetitive tasks, while increasing communication, all with the goal of making life easier for our customers.

E-Logistics Technology is located in Burlingame, California.

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